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In every spiritual tradition, some people achieved physical immortality.
If you still doubt this, we won't try to prove it, but you can always read about known immortals.

Master Maha studied these traditions until he experienced physical supernatural results
over 25 years of study and daily practice, sorting out what works and what didn't (for him).

Some students experienced supernatural results during their first seminar.
Incurable conditions went away, some for short sporadic moments, some forever.

This seminar was recorded, and is available here, at a ridiculously low price.
Master Maha is a real spiritual master. He will not keep this wisdom hidden anymore.

1. Physical Regeneration

The first step is to regenerate your body. This seminar will not lie to you, promise you results in precise time frames, or tell you to drop traditional medicine. With the daily practice of the techniques found in the videos, you will regenerate your body progressively, to the point where you will become very healthy. You should read the testimonials.

2. Enjoying Life

Being healthy is not enough. You also wish for a happy life. There are techniques in these videos that are meant to elevate your mental and emotional state. While most of Maha's teachings on happiness can be found in other seminars, the most basic ones are found in the first 2 videos, so you can enjoy a happy life, regardless of what troubles you.

3. Extending Lifespan

Once you are healthy and happy, you wish to live longer, to a point where you can be alive as long as you wish, and depart when you decide, painlessly. All immortals we know of, eventually decided to go further into self-realization. If you wish this unbounded lifespan, you have to prepare for the hardest and most intense work of your life.

Introduction video

First few minutes

Not sure yet?

Download the first 2 videos
for only 4.95$

Download, 600 Megabytes *
In 2 files, running time 90min.

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Complete Video Series

Download the complete seminar
and bonus videos for only 29.95$

Download, 4.7 Gigabytes *
in 17 files, running time 12h50.

It's now FREE

* High-speed Internet required. Start download after payment. Windows Media videos provided. A free video converter is suggested to change videos in another format. You must download all the files within 7 days.

Disclaimer: The techniques explained in these videos should not be practiced by someone with a severe mental illness, but otherwise will help in any other case, such as depression or stress disorder. Regarding any physical condition you have, you should continue any traditional treatment until the new health results are confirmed by a specialist. If you practice daily, the first soothing results will show up quickly. While the first videos are useful to reactivate your personal health (re)generator, and alleviate some of your physical conditions, all the teachings (from all the videos) are required to achieve the quickest and most durable results. We do not promise immortality. We confirm, through authentic testimonials, that these techniques work.

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